Minotti São Paulo

Minotti São Paulo

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The company showroom is a space that welcomes customers from all over the world, as well as hosting training sessions, photo shoots, events and important meetings. A space designed in 2012 with the aim of capturing the essence and identity of the Minotti brand, the most effective and authentic expression of the Minotti style.
Designed by the Dordoni Architetti studio, the display space spans a surface of 1,000 sqm in the HQ in Meda and offers a unique, immersive and exclusive experience, just like in a modern villa, where all the spaces merge harmoniously with terraces and roof gardens. A sophisticated setting which proves that all the furnishings of a large collection developed over the years can coexist with each other, each piece expressing itself with an eclectic spirit.

When stepping inside, you feel as if you are in a real house. Here, the materials such as concrete on the walls and floor, Piasentina stone on the ground, warm wood panelling in tobacco-coloured wood and large windows shaded by curtains in smoky grey linen,  design the ideal environment for presenting the iconic pieces, the most distinctive seating systems and the many complements of the latest collections.

The clever use of perspectives, raised islands and lighting create an interesting series of charming settings capable of highlighting not only the uniqueness of the products, but also the inimitable Minotti lifestyle
The showroom terrace, in addition to embodying the fluid and creative dialogue between indoor and outdoor, permanently hosts a selection of the most distinctive pieces in the Lifescape Outdoor Collection, conveying a sense of quality, comfort and a sophisticated elegance that blends in perfectly with the style of the interiors.

A striking catwalk links the Showroom to the SuperSet, a space mirroring the architecture and styles of the 2021 Collection, influenced by Rationalist and Brutalist references, mellowed by the presence of welcoming materials, such as the Honey-coloured oak of the windows, steel with a reflective satin finish and the Dark Brown stained palisander Santos of the panelling.

An additional space spanning 600 sqm, where the alternation of bold graphic shapes, such as the large circular form shaped into the concrete wall, marks the boundary between indoor and outdoor.

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