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17 de maio de 2022

A new location for Minotti Chicago – a tale by three storytellers

Back in 2012, the long-standing collaboration between Minotti and furniture retailer Orange Skin resulted in the opening of the first Minotti flagship store in Chicago, which has recently moved to a new location in the famous River North District neighbourhood.

The project of the store was conceived in 2019 and completed thanks to the understanding and the synergy between Minotti and Orange Skin. On the occasion of the interior decoration intervention by Minotti Studio, the characteristics of the building, originally an industrial structure, were preserved, starting from the facade, which blends harmoniously into a more contemporary context.

Owners Graunk Enzenberger and Obi Nwazota, along with Susanna Minotti, Head of Interior Decoration, commented on this important goal achieved together.

“The Minotti Chicago showroom hosts the protagonists of the most recent Minotti collections in a fully renewed space: the property, built in 1932 for a transport company, today hosts a completely different kind of business. The contemporary finishes, desired by Minotti Studio, create an interesting contrast with the original wooden beams of the ceilings. On the other hand, the large windows make for a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, thanks to the natural light that filters through the windows”, says Graunk Enzenberger.

Obi Nwazota adds: “Everyone knows Chicago as the city that introduced modern architecture into the United States and we are very proud to have the opportunity to show the Minotti collections in a location such as this one, which is both contemporary and at the same time strongly linked to tradition”.

The 530 sqm of the showroom, accessed through a large wooden door, are divided into two main areas that host a carefully selected mix of recent pieces and bestsellers from the Minotti range. The entrance offers a panoramic view of the main space, only divided by the presence of a fireplace, while the visitor’s eye is drawn to a large “tatami” wall in plaster at the far end.

Susanna Minotti concludes: “To bring out the industrial character of the space, the floor was made of concrete, while the walls and suspended ceilings were painted dark grey, maintaining the original wooden ceilings punctuated by skylights that create striking glimpses of light. Dark wood is the material used to embrace this showroom, where the decorative element is minimal, precisely to give more emphasis to the architecture”.

Warm shades, welcoming materials and extraordinarily simple, subtle shapes characterise the furnishing pieces chosen for the interior of the Chicago showroom, an unmissable design destination in the heart of one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

Minotti Chicago by Orange Skin
419 W. Superior Street
Chicago IL, 60654 – United States
T: +1 312 573 2788
E: [email protected]

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